Why We Love It: The Riding Board lets you bring one more kiddo along. The detachable seat means little ones can sit or stand (and change their minds as many times as they want!). Plus, unlike most Riding Boards, ours attaches to the left side of your stroller, so it won’t get in your way as you walk. 

What's Included: In addition to the board itself, you’ll receive a detachable seat, a cap (to fill in the hole when the seat is removed), and a storage strap (to stow the board when it’s not in use). 

Size & Weight Limits: The Riding Board can safely support children up to 55 lbs. We recommend it for children around 3-5 years old. 

Compatibility: The Riding Board is compatible with both our Single Stroller and our Single-to-Double Stroller. If you purchased your stroller prior to March 2021, you can check whether your stroller is compatible by using the tool above. If your stroller is not compatible, reach out to our Customer Experience Specialists to discuss your options.

Mockingbird Double Stroller | Black Outer Canopy Windowpane Inner Penny Handles

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