Why We Love It: The Riding Board lets bigger kids hop on for a ride, making it a perfect accessory for strolling with growing families! Designed for older toddlers, the Riding Board gives your kiddos plenty of fun ways to enjoy the stroller. Your kiddos will love the option to hop on and off the board, and to sit or stand during strolls (and can change their minds as many times as they want!). The Riding Board is also designed with grown-ups in mind - unlike other stroller boards, our Riding Board conveniently attaches to the left side so it won’t get in the way of your stride as you walk. 

What's Included: In addition to the Riding Board itself, you’ll receive a detachable seat, a cap (to fill in the hole when the seat is removed), and a storage strap (to stow the board when it’s not in use). 

How to Use: 

- The Riding Board attaches and detaches from the Stroller in just one click. While on the go, you can stow the Riding Board by flipping it up (& clipping it in place with the storage strap) or detaching it and putting it in the storage basket. Make sure to remove the Riding Board before folding the Stroller. 

- The Riding Board standing space is 14.5” long and 6.5” wide

- Visit our Riding Board set up page for a step-by-step tutorial and instruction video

Size & Weight Limits: We recommend the Riding Board for kiddos around 3-5 years old, with a minimum height of 26”. Riders should be able to sit and/or stand unassisted and remember to hold onto the Stroller while in motion. The Riding Board can safely support up to 55 pounds.

Compatibility: The Riding Board is compatible with both our Single Stroller and our Single-to-Double Stroller. If you purchased your stroller prior to March 2021, you can check whether your stroller is compatible by using the tool above. If your stroller is not compatible, reach out to our Customer Experience Specialists to discuss your options.

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We believe that functional design and stylish looks can go hand in hand—and they shouldn’t cost a fortune, either. Discover why a Mockingbird Stroller is right for your growing family.


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Ashley M.
United States United States

A great addition

We love our riding board. We use it in place of a second seat pretty close to everytime we use our stroller (which is often). My only complaint is the rider has to hold onto the stroller handle so the person pushing the stroller has to bunch over the stroller to push it around. It would be nice to have something for them to hold onto that attaches

Mockingbird Riding Board Review
Kelsey F.
United States United States

Simply Amazing

We recently travelled from ny to Florida and used our mocking bird stroller with the riding board. It made traveling with 3 kids so easy. My 4 year old didn’t complain once. He just sat and rode along. SO many people stopped me to ask what and where because it was just so helpful and frankly.. awesome! If I could buy another for the other side I would- at the recommendation of my 6 year old. I would pay double the price this riding board was so useful.

Mockingbird Riding Board Review
Kristen M.
United States United States

Riding board

The riding board has been really cool. My daughter has always asked for a skateboard but I feel like she’s too young for a real one, plus I know she’d ditch it and we’d have to carry it everywhere. Now, she can hop on and off, and I don’t even need to attach the 2nd seat because she’s so enthralled with the board. We used to choose our wagon over the stroller, but now we always choose the stroller because the board is just so convenient. We also are able to fold it up without detaching it. #blessed.

Mockingbird Riding Board Review
Judibeth C.
United States United States

So easy!!!!

Being a mom of 3 under 3 and absolutely loving this stroller I knew I had to get this accessory and it didn’t disappoint! My almost 3 year old loves it and so does my 18 month old! I can take all 3 to the park now!

Mockingbird Riding Board Review
Sandra C.
United States United States

Riding Board

We bought this stroller for our now two year old grandson. This year we bought the riding board for his five year old brother, J. He loves it and so do his parents! He can sit, squat, or just rest there.

Mockingbird Riding Board Review
Autumn S.
United States United States

Grow into every option!

We loved the addition of the stroller board to our single to double. We purchased the stroller when my daughter preferred the seat and before my son was born. Now she picks between riding on the stroller board or sitting - which giving a toddler choices make everyone’s lives smoother. When my nieces came to visit, we had all 3 big girls riding on the stroller and fighting over who got to ride the stroller board.

Mockingbird Riding Board ReviewMockingbird Riding Board Review
Cassandra D.
United States United States

Great feature!

We love the riding board and use it regularly with our almost 3 year old. It’s easy to install, and convenient to attach and detach as needed. Our toddler loves that he can pick to stand or sit, and the seat feature is easy to remove when not needed. Highly recommend!

Mockingbird Riding Board Review
Morgan J.
United States United States

Best accessory yet

People literally stop and ask me where I got it and take pictures to send to family. My two year old loves it and it gives him freedom to choose his seat or the boogie board. Giving toddlers options lets them feel in control and independent, that equals less tantrums, easier outings, etc. Just buy it!

Mockingbird Riding Board Review