Warranty Policy


Effective as of November 1, 2023

Mockingbird is proud to offer a lifetime limited warranty on our strollers, a three-year limited warranty on our high chairs, and a two-year limited warranty on accessories (each, as applicable, the “Warranty Period”), subject to the customer limitations set forth in paragraph B below.

A. Products Covered by this Limited Warranty

This limited warranty extends to our strollers, our high chairs, and our accessories that are purchased directly from Mockingbird or a Mockingbird authorized retailer (each, a “Product”).  This limited warranty does not cover any Product that is used a manner that is incompatible with its intended use or design.

B. Who this Limited Warranty Extends To

This limited warranty extends to the original purchaser of any Product or, in the case of a gift, the original recipient of the Product. The “original purchaser,” for purposes of this limited warranty, is the first purchaser of the Product from Mockingbird or a Mockingbird authorized retailer. The “original recipient” for purposes of this limited warranty, is the first receiver of a Product purchased as a gift from Mockingbird or a Mockingbird authorized retailer. All Mockingbird warranties, including any implied warranties, are valid only for the period of time the Product is owned by the original purchaser/ recipient of the Product. A COPY OF THE PURCHASE RECEIPT IS REQUIRED TO DETERMINE WARRANTY APPLICABILITY.

C. Limited Warranty Coverage

The Products are warranted to be free from material, workmanship and design defects from the date of purchase until the end of the applicable Warranty Period under normal use and in compliance with the operating instructions. A defect in material or workmanship does not include  minor cosmetic defects that do not affect the function of the Product for its intended use. In addition, a defect in material, workmanship or design does not include damage to a Product, or failure of a Product to operate or perform properly or to maintain appearance, caused by (i) misuse or abuse of the Product, (ii) failure to follow maintenance instructions, (iii) improper assembly or assembly that was not in accordance with the written assembly instructions, (iii) normal wear and tear, (iv) transportation, (v) an unauthorized modification or repair made without our express written consent, (vi) improper storage, or (vii) the natural aging of materials that results in colors shifting. Products damaged in these ways will not be considered defective and will therefore not be repaired, replaced or refunded.

If we determine in our discretion that a Product has a material, workmanship or design defect, we have the right, in our discretion, to select the appropriate remedy, if any, including, at our option, the right to conduct repairs, provide supplemental or replacement parts (which may be refurbished or newer model parts as the Product is improved over time), replace the Products with the same, equivalent or a newer version, or offer a full purchase price refund. If we determine in our discretion to provide supplemental or replacement parts or to replace the Products, we will ship such parts or replacement Products at our expense within the United States. We do not ship parts or replacement Products outside of the United States.

Mockingbird reserves the right to determine if the warranty terms and conditions have been met, including with respect to the cause of the damage to a Product or the cause of the failure of a Product to operate or perform properly or to maintain appearance. In connection with processing a warranty claim, Mockingbird may require you to provide photo or video documentation to substantiate your warranty claim, and to also provide certain identifying information about you, your Product and your order. Failure to provide such documentation or information upon request may, in our discretion, void your warranty claim.

Please contact support@hellomockingbird.com if you have any questions regarding the limited warranty.

D. Limitations of Liability

This limited warranty is your exclusive remedy against Mockingbird (Baby Generation, Inc.) and our exclusive liability with respect to defects in your Products. This limited warranty replaces and is in lieu of all other Mockingbird warranties and liabilities, whether oral, written, statutory, contractual, in tort or otherwise, including, and where permitted by applicable law, any implied conditions, warranties or other terms as to satisfactory quality or fitness for purpose, provided that this limited warranty shall neither exclude nor limit (i) any of your legal (statutory) rights under applicable laws, or (ii) any of your rights against a third-party seller of the Products.