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What is the Frame Reinforcement Kit?

The Frame Reinforcement Kit includes two easy-to-install steel clamps that attach to the sides of your stroller frame to create an additional layer of strength and durability. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has reviewed the kit’s effectiveness in preventing this rare issue from being able to occur, and has approved it as the official solution for this voluntary recall.

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How do I find my Lot Number and Stroller Type?

Your Lot Number and Stroller Type can be found on the white product label located on the inner left side of the stroller frame near the top of the basket.

Your Lot Number is a five digit number following the 'CH'.

Your Stroller Type is either "MOCKINGBIRD STROLLER" (Single Stroller) or "MOCKINGBIRD DOUBLE STROLLER" (Single-to-Double Stroller).