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Now you can experience the Mockingbird Stroller in real life at select Target stores. See for yourself why parents everywhere are opting for a premium stroller with safety and style at a great price.

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While most parents love our 30-day “try at home” option, others may prefer to test out strollers in a store. We’re proud to be able to support these families now with a great new experience at Target.


Reach More Families

Through our partnership with Target, we're able to welcome more families into the Mockingbird community and bring our thoughtfully designed, affordably priced strollers to more parents than ever before.

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Shared Values

Mockingbird and Target share the belief that today’s parents should be able to get high quality products for their baby, at a fair price. “Expect More. Pay Less” was a motto we could definitely get behind 🙂

Available at select Target stores

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We've got answers

  • Which products does Target carry?

    Target carries a limited selection of Mockingbird’s most popular products. On Target.com, you can find our Single-to-Double Stroller and 2nd Seat Kit with Penny handlebars and your choice of a Black, Sea, or Sky canopy (all with our Windowpane pattern). At the select Target stores carrying Mockingbird, you can find our Single-to-Double Stroller with Penny handlebars and a Black canopy (with our Windowpane pattern).

    For the widest selection of Mockingbird products and color options, make sure to check out hellomockingbird.com.

  • Does Target carry accessories to make the stroller infant-compatible?

    Not at this time. So if you’re planning to use your stroller with an infant (0-6 months), please make sure to purchase at least one of our three infant-compatible accessories (Car Seat Adapter, Carriage, Infant Seat Insert) from hellomockingbird.com in order to stroll safely with your little one. Or you can use Target’s Universal Registry feature to add products from Mockingbird’s site to your Target registry.

  • Can I add Mockingbird products to my Target baby registry?

    Definitely! For products Target carries, you can add them to your registry directly on Target.com. And even for products Target doesn’t carry, you can actually use Target’s Universal Registry feature to add products from hellomockingbird.com (for each product you want, it will create a link on your registry leading your friends & family to our site!).

  • Are prices the same at Target?

    Yes! All products you see on Target.com or in stores are offered for the same price you’d find on hellomockingbird.com.

    As a direct-to-consumer brand, we’ve always been able to offer parents an incredibly competitive price, and it was so important to us that entering a retail partnership would not mean our customers have to pay more for our products. We’re really proud that we were able to keep our prices and continue providing the same value to all Mockingbird families.

  • Are shipping times the same between Mockingbird and Target?

    When you see the same item in stock on both Mockingbird and Target's websites, it's likely shipping times will be very similar. It is, however, possible that an item could be in stock on Mockingbird's site and out of stock at Target (or vice versa).

  • Does Target offer Mockingbird’s 30-day “try at home” option?

    No, all Target purchases fall under Target's return policy. Mockingbird’s 30-day “try at home” option is only available for purchases made through hellomockingbird.com.

    If you try our stroller at a Target store and would still like 30 days to test it out at home and in your neighborhood, just make sure to place your order on hellomockingbird.com to take advantage of our “try at home” policy.

  • Does Mockingbird's Lifetime Warranty policy extend to Target purchases?

    It does! We’re excited to offer a Lifetime Warranty on all Mockingbird strollers, no matter where it was purchased. We’re confident in the quality of our products, and want you to feel comfortable knowing your stroller is covered through all its years of use.

  • If Mockingbird isn’t at a Target location near me, can I try the stroller in person?

    You can always try our strollers in person from the comfort of your own home using our 30-day “try at home” policy. For all products ordered from hellomockingbird.com, we ship to your door for free and give you 30 days to test them out and make sure you love them. If for any reason you don’t, we’ll provide a full refund (and free return shipping).