Voluntary Recall of Certain Single-to-Double Strollers

Check if your Single-to-Double Stroller is affected

This voluntary recall applies to certain Single-to-Double Strollers. Input your lot number below to see if your stroller is included in the voluntary recall.

Important: If you have a Mockingbird Single Stroller, your stroller is not part of this recall and no further action is needed.

Please provide a 5-digit lot number (following the 'CH')

Lot Number Result

Your stroller is included in the voluntary recall. Please proceed to the free Frame Reinforcement Kit request form:

Request Reinforcement Kit

Your stroller is Not Affected. No further action is needed.

How do I find my Lot Number and Stroller Type?

Your Lot Number and Stroller Type can be found on the white product label located on the inner left side of the stroller frame near the top of the basket.

Your Lot Number is a five digit number following the 'CH'.

Your Stroller Type is either "MOCKINGBIRD STROLLER" (Single Stroller) or "MOCKINGBIRD DOUBLE STROLLER" (Single-to-Double Stroller).