Become a Mockingbird Parent Host

It truly takes a village! Connect with parents shopping for strollers to share your honest feedback about Mockingbird and answer their questions.


Become a Mockingbird Parent Host

Connect with parents considering a Mockingbird stroller. You’ll share your honest feedback and answer their questions!

1. Sign Up

Create and submit your profile. Include any info and pictures that would be helpful for shopping parents to know about you!


2. Connect With Parents

If your profile is approved, it will be listed on our website. Then, parents can reach out via email when they want to hear more about your experience and see your stroller!

3. Meet IRL or Virtually

Now, the real fun begins! Coordinate a time to meet up in person or virtually. Show off your favorite stroller features and answer any questions!

Plus, there are perks!

Mockingbird Parent Hosts will receive payment for completed connections, discounts on Mockingbird products, exclusive sneak peeks and more!


And, it’s a great way to connect with and support other parents in your local community!

Frequently asked questions

How do I become a Mockingbird Parent Host?

All Mockingbird Parent Hosts are real customers, so the first step is owning your own Mockingbird stroller. If you're already a customer, head here to create and submit a profile. If approved, your profile will be listed on our website and interested parents who are shopping for a stroller can start reaching out!

As a host, how do I connect with parents who want to talk to me?

When a parent is interested in connecting with you, they’ll contact you via email, and you’ll have 48 hours to reply. From there, you’ll coordinate to either meet in-person at a public location or talk virtually.


Some parents who reach out to you may be interested in testing out your stroller IRL, while some may just want to ask you questions, and some may want to do both! While our hope is that hosts will be open to any type of connection, if you’re only interested in connecting virtually, let us know and we can make sure this is clear on your profile.

What are the benefits of becoming a Mockingbird Parent Host?

  • - Payments for completed in-person and virtual connections
    • - Discounts on Mockingbird products for your family

    • - Exclusive Mockingbird product previews, opportunity to influence future product development, and other perks

- Opportunity to connect with other parents in your area.

How does Mockingbird support hosts?

We’re always here to help! As a host, you can reach out to us at with any questions.

Which of my data is publicly visible?

Your public profile only shows your first name, profile picture, product information, and approximate location. Your address is never made public and no personal contact information is displayed. Your email is hidden during email communication and you can choose whether to share your phone number or not once you’re connected.

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