What's Included: This set includes Upper Adapters (to raise your 1st Seat and make room for the 2nd) and Lower Adapters (to attach the 2nd Seat). These Adapters are included in the 2nd Seat Kit and do not need to be purchased separately unless you need a replacement pair. Please do not purchase these Adapters if you think you will ever need a 2nd Seat for your stroller, since we do not sell the other 2nd Seat Kit components separately outside of the kit. If you purchased a 2nd Seat Kit prior to April 2021, your Adapters may look a little different—we recently changed the design to make new arrangements possible. Check out all of our arrangement possibilities here

Size & Weight Limits: Our top and bottom Seats are interchangeable so you can use them both with children up to 45 lb. For the safest and smoothest ride, always put the heavier child in the upper position. 

Compatibility: Please make sure you have the Single-to-Double Stroller model before purchasing these Adapters, as it will not work properly with the Single Stroller model. If you're unsure about which model you have, feel free to contact our product specialists.

Final Sale: Replacement parts like this Adapters Set are not eligible for returns or exchanges. Learn more about our Return Policy here!

Mockingbird Double Stroller | Black Outer Canopy Windowpane Inner Penny Handles

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