Snack Tray

With our stroller snack tray, snack time can be any time.

Snack Tray

With our stroller snack tray, snack time can be any time.
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Snack Tray

Modern black Mockingbird Snack Tray baby stroller with adjustable canopy, handle, and large wheels, isolated on a white background.

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Why We Love It: Our Snack Tray allows your little one to enjoy snack time on the go without either of you missing a beat. Keep drinks and food within easy reach and off of your toddler’s lap with a built-in cup holder and snack compartment. Our Snack Tray easily attaches to any Mockingbird Stroller seat – just click it in place of the child bar and you’re done! Plus, it can release from either side while remaining level, allowing for quick loading and unloading (and fewer spilled snacks!)


Cleaning: We use durable materials so that spills and crumbs can be removed effortlessly by wiping with a damp cloth.

A double baby stroller with black canopies, spacious seating, and a modern design on a white background.

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